Friday, April 1, 1983


My people of Peace of Beauty of Pride
You have lost Sight of Self and the Father has cried
His tears filled the rivers; but the waters were not Purified
By his tears
Yet the rivers remained polluted by our Alabastered peers
Like the minds of my people through the process of years.
Still remains polluted by our Alabastered peers
My People
My beautiful Black People who still
Remain in the wilderness of America
My people whose minds still reside in the darkness
You choose to surround yourselves in
Come out of that forest of illusionment
Awaken unto thyselves as being one of one Testament
One of one body and mind
Understand the significance in the bettering of
One's self for the upliftment of the whole
Learn the lessons which are constantly
Being revealed to you by nature
Can one ant build and ant hill?
The answer is very obvious; No!
So understand the Supreme importance
Of unity toward one cause
That cause is the building of the Hill of Freedom
Which can only be constructed through the joined
Effort of all our people
My people of Peace of Beauty of Pride
Awaken unto the knowledge of thy Self as a whole
And the true knowledge that lays dormant within you
Will unfold.

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