Friday, September 30, 2016

Baba Jamibu

Baba Jamibu was born in Washington DC and spent all his life in Washington DC and the surrounding Maryland suburbs. He was shaped by what many call the Chocolate City. It's cultural/vibe is very unique as it had many Black/African movements that have set to empower the people. His poetry reflects this. I hope that you enjoy.

Jamibu's daughter,
Kamilah Munirah Sayyidi
(Blog: Noor Janan Homeschool)

Saturday, February 1, 1992

Are There Any Righteous Black Folk Around?

are there any righteous black folk around?
i say let the racist be the racist!
let the gays be the gays!
let the slackers be the slackers. . . and
let the confused remain confused!
but now is the time
for the strong ones to step forward
and take your mighty place in the sun
to let your lights pierce the darkness
and clear the pathway to the One. . .
are there any christos redemptos to be found?
standing in the arkway of tomorrow
donned with armor of glorious light
strong hearts and minds beating
back the sorrow of life's
long and arduous plight
let the nay sayers say naught. . . and
let the righteous live maat
for the truly pious seekers, they
have sought the path to
truth and justice...
must we ever remain defamed?
will our ancestor's legacy
ever be reclaimed? or
in apathy we forever blame
those who would continue to
plot against us
i say let the racist be the racist!
let the gays be the gays!
and let those be who refuse to struggle
for a wholistic righteous way
the drug addicts can remain drugged out
to the end of their dying day
but if the struggle is to continue
and if we're to reach that higher ground
i have just one thing to say
are there really truly really

any righteous black folk around? ? ? ? ? ?  ? ? ?  ?? ? ? ?

HOTEP (Peace)

Tuesday, March 5, 1985

Whose Voice is it?

Whose voice is it that you hear?
Who speaks to you at the top of your head?
With a mystical tone so soft, but clear;
He waits for you in that pathway ahead.
He speaks to you when it's time to warn you
Of the things in Life that just might harm you.
With words so clear, so bright; they glisten.
It's truly your fault if you don't listen.
But even then this voice consoles you
When you're down and feeling bad.
And also rejoices when you're happy and glad;
That you listened to him and all those
Troubles you've avoided.
While the treasures you've received
We're justly rewarded.
So strange it seems that one are you and he;
And if you'd continue to listen that
Somehow you'd be free.
To be. . . . .
Safe and secure to express yourself
Anyway you'd choose.
But when you don't take heed;
Somehow you lose.
So whose voice is it that guides
You along you way?
Hoping you'd hear him and decide
Not to stray.
For your path in Life is his interests;
And he will lead you to a pure heart.
This voice in your "Conscience" is the
True voice of God.

Tuesday, January 1, 1985

Historical Dilemma

There has always been a problem with "history"
as it relates to us blacks. For you see his story
was not intended to aid in our edification;
but merely as a means for self-glorification.
There will in-turn also be a problem for him with my story.
Being that our Greatness or Golden Age is
considered by him to be pre-his-storic.
My story will remain a "mystery" to him.

Friday, April 1, 1983


My people of Peace of Beauty of Pride
You have lost Sight of Self and the Father has cried
His tears filled the rivers; but the waters were not Purified
By his tears
Yet the rivers remained polluted by our Alabastered peers
Like the minds of my people through the process of years.
Still remains polluted by our Alabastered peers
My People
My beautiful Black People who still
Remain in the wilderness of America
My people whose minds still reside in the darkness
You choose to surround yourselves in
Come out of that forest of illusionment
Awaken unto thyselves as being one of one Testament
One of one body and mind
Understand the significance in the bettering of
One's self for the upliftment of the whole
Learn the lessons which are constantly
Being revealed to you by nature
Can one ant build and ant hill?
The answer is very obvious; No!
So understand the Supreme importance
Of unity toward one cause
That cause is the building of the Hill of Freedom
Which can only be constructed through the joined
Effort of all our people
My people of Peace of Beauty of Pride
Awaken unto the knowledge of thy Self as a whole
And the true knowledge that lays dormant within you
Will unfold.

Monday, March 1, 1976


The sunlight adorned
her soft tiny frame
the warm breeze chanted
her royal name
the beautiful one
beloved child of the sun

The way she moved
was so full of grace
as her radiant smile
illuminated her face
the adorned one
Love child of the sun

She captures my heart
with her enchanting glance
it speeds up it's tempo
in a pulsating dance
the precious one
true child of the sun

Her sparkling eyes
set my heart aglow
my eyes stared in total wonder
as I watched her grow
in a true African Queen of
beauty in each and every way
and as I continued to look
in fascination I could hear
the sun say
this is my
the perfect one
God's given gift

a name spoken in love
a name spoken with love
a name spoken for love