Friday, September 30, 2016

Baba Jamibu

Baba Jamibu was born in Washington DC and spent all his life in Washington DC and the surrounding Maryland suburbs. He was shaped by what many call the Chocolate City. It's cultural/vibe is very unique as it had many Black/African movements that have set to empower the people. His poetry reflects this. I hope that you enjoy.

Jamibu's daughter,
Kamilah Munirah Sayyidi
(Blog: Noor Janan Homeschool)

Saturday, February 1, 1992

Are There Any Righteous Black Folk Around?

are there any righteous black folk around?
i say let the racist be the racist!
let the gays be the gays!
let the slackers be the slackers. . . and
let the confused remain confused!
but now is the time
for the strong ones to step forward
and take your mighty place in the sun
to let your lights pierce the darkness
and clear the pathway to the One. . .
are there any christos redemptos to be found?
standing in the arkway of tomorrow
donned with armor of glorious light
strong hearts and minds beating
back the sorrow of life's
long and arduous plight
let the nay sayers say naught. . . and
let the righteous live maat
for the truly pious seekers, they
have sought the path to
truth and justice...
must we ever remain defamed?
will our ancestor's legacy
ever be reclaimed? or
in apathy we forever blame
those who would continue to
plot against us
i say let the racist be the racist!
let the gays be the gays!
and let those be who refuse to struggle
for a wholistic righteous way
the drug addicts can remain drugged out
to the end of their dying day
but if the struggle is to continue
and if we're to reach that higher ground
i have just one thing to say
are there really truly really

any righteous black folk around? ? ? ? ? ?  ? ? ?  ?? ? ? ?

HOTEP (Peace)

Saturday, June 18, 1988

The Dawn

(. . . . continued)
A light shining brighter
than all lights you will ever see
Dawn is the light of Love
the light of Life,
the light of Peace and Serenity.

Dawn is the revolutionary light
The light of change,
This light of Life creates
you again.

This light of understanding,
This light of peace will not
relieve you of your burdens,
but will give you the power
to make them cease.

This light of knowledge
This light of love
In bedded within yourself
from above will show you
the truth of eternity
will enlighten you about individuality
will give you the knowledge of Universalality
cannot be discovered externally
or anywhere else
except within Self.

Let this light shine within
your mind within your soul,
This light that leaves nothing untold.
This light of Love, of Life,
of Peace and Serenity will come
without harm for it is the Dawn;
The light that shines Love within
your Soul, Mind, and Heart,
This Pure light of Life is the
light of God.

Friday, June 17, 1988

"There's Always the Darkness" Before the Dawn

Listen my people
I come not to Harm
Nor to distract thy thoughts
Nor to possess one's heart
Nor seduce with charm.
I'll present a soft song from
my heart to thee
If you care to listen
You just might see
How far our minds reside in Darkness!
Darkness grows gloom but yet it glistens.
Darkness how it sparkles?
It's illusions shine like gold
Its' persuasive talk leaves
much untold
It creates a shadow out
of Egotistical Dreams.
It's force is bold.
It's plot unseen
Through ignorance, Darkness spreads
It corrupts one's heart
It engulfs one's soul
Its' path is for the Dead
Through selfish wants
Its' Ruler reigns
His plan at heart
To win one's soul and
add it too his Dark Domain
His laugh may come at last
At one's end through grief and pain.
His secret he will tell
His will has come to past
Your life you'll live again
Here on earth condemned too Hell.
Your Trials of Life might be forever,
His rule might come to past
If you grasp the light within
You might be free at last and
never live a life of sin again.
In God your soul will keep
awakening from and endless sleep
secured from Satan's harm
Your soul is whole, your life is now complete
You have awakened from the Darkness
to the DAWN (to be continued...)

Sunday, March 1, 1987

Tit for Tat

What goes around comes around.
What you put down will put your down.
What you do to others
will come back to you;
because one law of life it that
you have to pay dues.

If you're good to others,
you'll receive your reward.
If you're bad then the
repercussions you'll seldom avoid.
Because Life has it's own
certain time in letting things unfold.

So remember my people that
you were told;
that what You do in life will
definitely come back;
So reason for yourself,
Why not make it Tit for Tat.

Thursday, February 5, 1987


Wanting to be recognized,
Wanting to impress,
Wanting not needing to an excess?
Wanting lots of material wealth
to satisfy your greed?
Wanting will help your ego
destroy you indeed.
Wanting so may things
that you forget to share.
Wanting needlessly, you
destroy your need to care.
I'm selfish in wanting
very much so for people to
want things less; And strive
to want themselves much
more and to destroy their

Monday, December 15, 1986


Dreams of love,
Dreams of war,
Dreams you've never had before.
Dreams that are happy,
Dreams that are sad,
Dreams that are both good and bad.
Dreams that are funny,
Dreams that are gay,
Dreams you experience everyday.
Dreams of destruction,
Dreams of HATE,
Dreams that ends comes to late.
Dreams of the future
as if it were the past,
Dreams of the present as if
it were to last.
Dreams and more Dreams of
just about everything and
all of the surprises that
some Dreams bring.
Dreams of a world with long
lasting peace.
Make this Dream your Reality
then all Dreams will cease.