Baba Jamibu

Baba Jamibu Saidi (Bolling) was born in Washington DC and spent all his life in Washington DC and the surrounding Maryland suburbs. He was shaped by what many call the Chocolate City. It's cultural/vibe is very unique as it had many Black/African movements that have set to empower the people. His poetry reflects this. I hope that you enjoy.

Jamibu's daughter,


  1. Queen Sister CherylOctober 18, 2017 at 7:55 AM

    Greetings Queen Sister Kamilah! Thank you for posting the photos and poems on your blog site of the Great Baba Jamibu. I became a student and friend of his in the late 80s when I met him at Montgomery Community Television. I have to give credit to him for guiding me to our true history and the brilliant minds of the brothers (himself included) and sisters of the light who bravely fight to help the lost Africans in America find their true selves. He was dear to me and now you are dear to me for sharing this. Baba Jamibu's beautiful spirit lives through you. All praises to the One.

    1. Thank you for this message Sister Cheryl! You inspired me to add some more of Baba Jamibu's poems to the blog. I hope to add even more in the future.