Saturday, February 1, 1992

Are There Any Righteous Black Folk Around?

are there any righteous black folk around?
i say let the racist be the racist!
let the gays be the gays!
let the slackers be the slackers. . . and
let the confused remain confused!
but now is the time
for the strong ones to step forward
and take your mighty place in the sun
to let your lights pierce the darkness
and clear the pathway to the One. . .
are there any christos redemptos to be found?
standing in the arkway of tomorrow
donned with armor of glorious light
strong hearts and minds beating
back the sorrow of life's
long and arduous plight
let the nay sayers say naught. . . and
let the righteous live maat
for the truly pious seekers, they
have sought the path to
truth and justice...
must we ever remain defamed?
will our ancestor's legacy
ever be reclaimed? or
in apathy we forever blame
those who would continue to
plot against us
i say let the racist be the racist!
let the gays be the gays!
and let those be who refuse to struggle
for a wholistic righteous way
the drug addicts can remain drugged out
to the end of their dying day
but if the struggle is to continue
and if we're to reach that higher ground
i have just one thing to say
are there really truly really

any righteous black folk around? ? ? ? ? ?  ? ? ?  ?? ? ? ?

HOTEP (Peace)