Monday, March 1, 1976


The sunlight adorned
her soft tiny frame
the warm breeze chanted
her royal name
the beautiful one
beloved child of the sun

The way she moved
was so full of grace
as her radiant smile
illuminated her face
the adorned one
Love child of the sun

She captures my heart
with her enchanting glance
it speeds up it's tempo
in a pulsating dance
the precious one
true child of the sun

Her sparkling eyes
set my heart aglow
my eyes stared in total wonder
as I watched her grow
in a true African Queen of
beauty in each and every way
and as I continued to look
in fascination I could hear
the sun say
this is my
the perfect one
God's given gift

a name spoken in love
a name spoken with love
a name spoken for love

Note: This poem was written by my dad, Baba Jamibu Saidi before I was born, back before heavy use of ultrasounds. Baba Jamibu knew I was going to be a girl and my name would be Kamilah. He named me Kamilah Munirah Bolling, putting exactly 7 letters in each of my names. Later, when I became Muslim I took his name Kamilah Munirah Saidi, but latter changing the spelling of Saidi to Sayyidi to keep with the 7 letters. Baba Jamibu was interested in the study of numerology. What's even more interesting is he passed away on November 7, 1999, exactly one year after I got married on November 7, 1998. This 7 marked the final date of his last breath.

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