Tuesday, March 5, 1985

Whose Voice is it?

Whose voice is it that you hear?
Who speaks to you at the top of your head?
With a mystical tone so soft, but clear;
He waits for you in that pathway ahead.
He speaks to you when it's time to warn you
Of the things in Life that just might harm you.
With words so clear, so bright; they glisten.
It's truly your fault if you don't listen.
But even then this voice consoles you
When you're down and feeling bad.
And also rejoices when you're happy and glad;
That you listened to him and all those
Troubles you've avoided.
While the treasures you've received
We're justly rewarded.
So strange it seems that one are you and he;
And if you'd continue to listen that
Somehow you'd be free.
To be. . . . .
Safe and secure to express yourself
Anyway you'd choose.
But when you don't take heed;
Somehow you lose.
So whose voice is it that guides
You along you way?
Hoping you'd hear him and decide
Not to stray.
For your path in Life is his interests;
And he will lead you to a pure heart.
This voice in your "Conscience" is the
True voice of God.